Bitter Effect of Sweet Chocolates to Your Husky

Bitter Effect of Sweet Chocolates to Your Husky

The sweetness and delights brought by a chocolate can be very awesome to humans.  But not to your dogs like Siberian Husky. Why would eating too much be dangerous to your dogs? What will be its effects on your dogs’ health?

Chocolate- A Poison to Your Dogs

Chocolate contains theobromine, which is categorized as stimulants   more like caffeine.  This ingredient is typically harmless to humans. But   to your dogs, the effect is never the same. The amount of theobromine among chocolates varies in level.

What Is Theobromine

This is previously called xantheose, which a bitter type of alkaloid from cacao plant. Despite its effect on dogs, in advance medicine , this is  utilized  for   more widening  the blood vessels.

Levels of Theobromine in Chocolates

  • Dark Chocolate—300mg to 320 mg  of theobromine
  • White Chocolate—Contain little amount of theobromine because of  cocoa absence
  • Baking Chocolate—780 mg to 900 mg of theobromine
  • Milk chocolate—88mg to 128 mg of theobromine
  • Cocoa Powder ( dry) – 1600 mg of theobromine

In dark chocolate, you could   have twice toxin content compared to   milk chocolate.  Processed chocolate has lower amount of theobromine compared to pure cocoa that has about 1.2 % of it.   Also note that theobromine can’t only be found on chocolates.  Some beverages like cola and tea also contain it.

How Chocolates Harm Your Dogs

So how chocolates do harm your dogs?  Compared to humans like you, it takes a long time for them to digest chocolates.  This is the reason why it can poison your dogs. High levels of fats and   sugar can also be very dangerous to your pets.

Knowing the Symptoms

If you’re dogs suffered from chocolate poisoning, what are the symptoms that you should look for? Be guided by the following:

  • Diarrhea
  • Rapid breathing
  • Increase heart rate
  •  Frequent urination
  • Vomiting that may or may not have blood
  • Muscle tension
  • Hyperactivity

Take note of the aforementioned signs to avoid further   risk among your pets.

The chocolate Dosage

If too much chocolate can poison your Husky, will feeding them a little can harm? If you want keep the safety of your dog, then never give them chocolates. But there are instances that   they eat chocolates by accidents.  The amount of theobromine varies depending on its growing condition, cocoa source and brand.

The Weight of Your Husky In Relation To Chocolate Poisoning

  • It would be fatal for 20kg Husky   to eat 1000 g of milk chocolate
  • About a half kilogram of dark chocolate is needed to fully poison your Huskies.

Since you have the knowledge on the danger that can cause by chocolate to your dogs, you should double your monitoring on them.   You can eliminate or reduce the risk of poisoning through removing cocoa powder, baking chocolate and others out of your house.

When Your Dog Has Eaten Chocolate…

Since it’s sometime inevitable to keep away your dog from eating chocolates, you should always be prepared through knowing what you’re going to do when that happens.

One best thing to do is to encourage vomiting. There are traditional ways on how you can do that. One of the examples includes having hydrogenated peroxide and water.  The ratio is 1:1. Through vomiting, you’ll be able to limit the level of theobromine that can enter in your dog’s system. But, take note that consulting your vet is beneficial.

Every time you have chocolates in your house, always be mindful of your dogs.   This is vital to avoid chocolate related conditions on your dogs.