Brushing your Siberian Huskies’ Teeth- Is it important or not?

Aside from the charming eyes of your Huskies, they also have pearly whitish teeth that need to be maintained. Similar when people lazily brush their teeth, tartar could be piled and build up in it, which later on causes varied discomforts and teeth alarming conditions.

Brushing the teeth of your dogs is as much as important as brushing human’s teeth. Though some dog could maintain their whitish awesome teeth effortlessly, it is still vital for owners to care with their teeth’s condition and strength. Caring for your Huskies’ teeth will be beneficial for their health. When dog owners like you failed to pay attention to it, periodontal conditions as well as bad breath could be experienced by your dogs. This may lead to systematic infection and tooth loss.

Periodontal diseases

Periodontal condition, refers to a particular inflammation on partial or entire support structure of your dog’s tooth. This is often the typical condition happened on most dogs.  To avoid any tooth related health risks among your dogs, cleaning their teeth should be given an attention.

How to clean dogs’ teeth

There are varied ways on how you can clean and brush your dog’s teeth. One is with the help of your vets. Your Siberian Huskies’ veterinarian may use anesthesia to safely and efficiently clean dogs’ teeth. But of course, dog owners like you can also do it on your own. You just need to remember that the teeth’s cleaning material is different from the tooth brushing products utilized by humans. This is because some of the human toothpaste ingredients can be harmful to your Huskies.

Brushing products for dog’s teeth

There are brushes and other brushing products that are specially created for dogs. You could find these in pet stores. But this could also be provided by your vets. Tooth paste for your Huskies is also available. Those come in various flavors such as chicken, beef and other delightful tastes. Your Huskies will like it and may excitedly expect for it when it’s time for brushing their teeth.

Introducing toothpaste and tooth-brushing to your dogs

The first ideal thing to do is to introduce toothpastes’ taste since it is available in varied delicious taste. After that, you can try running your finger along the upper teeth of your dogs’ gum. You can repeat this process until you know that your dogs are ready for brushing teeth. Then, use the toothbrush. Let the toothbrush’s bristles be settled on the upper back portion of dogs’ teeth, which is along their gum line.   See to it that it is slightly angled up. With the position of the brush, the bristle will be able to reach the underneath portion of your dog’s gum line.

Create small circles of brushes along the line of their gum. Don’t brush your dog’s teeth for so long. Do it in less than thirty (30) seconds. Typically, brushing the teeth of your Siberian Husky is done two times a week to maintain its brightness and cleanliness.

Tooth checkup

Letting your dogs’ teeth be checked every month is also important in knowing whether their teeth is in good condition. If there’s bleeding or any broken teeth, it will be monitored and addressed immediately.

Particular dental society in America have searched that about 80% of dog population showed indication of having oral disease at age of three. With the vast number of affected dogs, regularly cleaning dog’s teeth is essential in avoiding any harmful dental diseases. Though chewing crunchy foods and toys eliminate some plaques on their teeth, it is still not enough in maintaining its cleanliness. Aside from your dog’s diet, always pay attention to your dog’s gum and dental condition.