Huskypedia episodes are series of videos featuring relevant interviews and documentations about Siberian Huskies, the breeders and other dog specialists. We will travel all over the world just to expose you to some facts and situations that every Husky lover could relate. Don’t worry with language differences because we will translate each Huskypedia episode to English.
As people become problematic and worried on Siberian Huskies’ problems, whether it’s in health or behavior, seeing refreshing and informative video coming from an expert or dog owner facing the same related problem could give you ease. You will be amazed and feel like you’re not the only person experiencing difficulty in raising and training your dogs. You will also be inspired and learn some lessons throughout these episodes.

Huskypedia Episode 1

Huskypedia Episode 1 “Mr. Mazen Salem”  Mazen Salem Bio: -President of National Siberian Husky Club of Egypt “NSHCE” -Founder of Mazen’s Kennel   About...

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