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Easy steps to help you keep your Husky dog Clean

Clean and Fresh Huskies

Siberian Huskies have many adorable features. They have beautiful eyes and wonderful furs and coats. It is pleasant seeing them clean, fresh and healthy. However, if you are a new Siberian Husky owner, you may need some help figuring out how to keep them clean and presentable. What are the usual and easy ways to keep your Siberian Husky fresh and spotless?

Take your Husky to bathe

Bathing Huskies is a lot more different than bathing other dogs. One of the advisable bathing methods for these dogs is waterless baths. A Husky’s skin has protective oil that assists it in maintaining balance within its body and therefore, it’s healthier not to wash them up with water all the time.

What is a waterless bath?

This type of bath utilizes shampoo and a hard brush. It will help the dogs in maintaining their cleanliness and is done only if your dog is not that dirty at the time of its bath. Of course, if they happen to be covered in mud, a full normal bath should be given. Regardless, the waterless bath should be conducted every week.

Brushing your Huskies’ Teeth

Similar to people, brushing teeth is very important for Huskies.  Some people tend to just ignore brushing the teeth of dogs or simply forget about it, not knowing how dangerous it could get. These dogs need their teeth at full health for everyday activities like chewing and therefore, it is essential to pay attention to keeping them clean and cavity-free.

How to brush your Husky’s teeth?

Train your dog as early as possible to get used to teeth brushing routine. It is vital for the future, that they do not freak out every time you repeat the procedure. As for teeth brushing tools, there are specialized toothbrushes as well as toothpaste applicable for dogs. You could also choose to utilize dental chews, and treats infused with minerals and vitamins that are good for the teeth.

Brushing your Husky’s hair or fur

Brushing your Husky’s fur is very important for their health and grooming. It’s quite a heavy task and should be conducted at least once per day, as Huskies possess two coat layers. However, during Huskies’ shedding season, you must make sure to brush their fur twice or more in a day. Furthermore, cutting their hair or fur is not really recommended. Brushing keeps your dog’s skin and hair healthy.

Clipping your Husky’s nails

Giving attention to your Husky’ nails is extremely important. Similar to humans, having long pointy nails can be dangerous to your dogs. Foot infections and other related problems can be caused by neglected nail care. In order to secure complete health and cleanliness for your Husky, you should remember to cut their nails at least every month. Be sure to do it right or to take them to the vet for that specific task as their nerves and pain receptors lie around a certain area of the nails.

Note the ears and eyes

Paying attention to your dog’s ears is a very important factor in keeping it clean and making sure it stays bug-free. Make sure to check and wipe it once in a week. Softly wiping their eyes to eliminate possible discharge is also vital.

Cleanliness is a crucial factor when it comes to maintaining a healthy dog and a healthy household. Make sure to ask your vet about the requirements to keep your dog bug-free and always check their ears and inside of their paws after walks as they are hot spots for bugs. Keeping your Husky well groomed and clean is essential to avoid the accumulation of unhealthy elements.