Does ice water cause bloating on your Dog?

Three melting ice cubes

There are some lingering information that ice water can somewhat be risky on your dogs such as your Husky. Some of this information includes the story of a dog that almost died after ingesting ice water. According to them, the cause of danger is bloating.

Understanding Bloating

This is the condition   where the stomach of your dogs is filled with air, food or fluid.   As an effect, your dogs can experience internal organs stress.  There can be lower supply of blood on your pet’s vital organ.   Furthermore, respiratory problems and issues can also be encountered.

Most people often think that the cause of dogs’ death suffering from stomach problems is bloating. The condition is incorrectly being used and understood.  In the   story, the nearly cause of dog’s death is the GDV or Gastric Dilation-Volvulus, a serious health condition causing twisted stomach and gastric torsion.    This is considered life threatening affect about 40% of dogs’ population.

Remember that when bloating occurs, you’ll observe that the stomach of your dogs is filled with food and usually, air.  Having enlarged stomach,   internal organ can experience great pressure   limiting blood supply and causing difficulty in breathing among your dogs.

   The Truth beyond Stories

Does ice water cause bloating on your dogs?   What is really the truth beyond this   question? Even veterinarian   creates arguments about this matter.   There is also forum on Social Medias asking and clarifying whether ice water can kill or cannot kill their dogs

To make things clear and seek valid answer, a professional and reliable vet has been consulted.   The doctor   said that the spreading rumors on ice water causing dogs’ death   are false.    The instance where your dogs can experience bloating is when your dogs are dehydrated and overheated; they want to suffice their   thirst through drinking so much water.   In this scene, possibility of being bloated is high. So whenever they urge to drink lots of water, control them   not to. So it’s not really   the ice water that can harm. It’s consuming water more than enough.

  Friendly Reminder

Never let your dog to become dehydrated and be exposed to too much heat.  Once   you let it happen, the tendency is for them to drown themselves in the refreshing ice water. Eventually, they will become bloated.    To avoid this, give your dogs enough cool and fresh water every time.   When you leave your house for jogging or any outdoor activities together with your dogs, make sure that you bring water dispenser.   As a conclusion, ice water or any water having varied temperature can’t harm your   dogs, the amount of water they have consumed does harm them.

Your precious dogs can be very playful and very energetic at times.      With this, carefully and frequently monitor them to avoid further risk.   Another thing to take  note,    is that before believing to any article   you’ve read  telling about  some do’s and don’ts on   your dog , be able to verify  it through   research.  Make things great for your dogs .