Dog Jerky Treat Controversy

Jerky treats belong to those foods that are rewarding for your pets, most especially to your dogs.  But like any other dog food products, it is better to carefully check its label and know the ingredients and where it came from.  You may have heard of issues regarding some pet food products. As a friend and owner of your dogs, you should increase your vigilance on it. This is vital for guarding the safety of your beloved pets. One of the roaming issues is about the jerky treats coming from China.

Chicken Jerky Treats

For over 10 years, the jerky (Chicken) treats, which come from China, have been associated with serious illnesses, as well as the death of a vast number of dogs in the continents of, Australia and America.

Previously, the FDA have given reports on the death and illnesses of dogs, which are being linked to these treats. But still, the cause of pet suffering is still in the process of discovery. There seem to be clues that will guide the organization to decipher the real cause of such misfortune yet it seems to be neglected. Some have speculated that the FDA’s neglection is somewhat rooted to politics.

A website, which is an organization for consumer advocacy, has been putting out an eye for the chicken jerky treats from China for several years. The reason behind this act is due to the political set up or games that are linked to the danger it may cause to human wellness and health.

With aid from the Freedom of Information Scheme, the site and organization have been able to discover that the agencies of US government have been trying to drive an approval for imported chicken from China, even though the Chinese poultry facilities failed various inspections. The reason behind this is so the U.S. would also have the permission to export U.S beef to China.

Chinese Processing Facilities failure in inspection

After every year, the Chinese Poultry Processing Establishment has been experiencing failure in USDA inspection. Despite this fact, the chicken from China is still continuously being imported to the US for pet food production.

For several years, the processing poultry facilities in China, for human food consumption, have failed. On the other hand, the Food and Drug Administration seemingly stated that the facility producing the jerky treats had passed the inspection. But the FDA did not release inspection reports on it.


A much-respected institution of veterinarians has released a warning regarding particular toxic jerky treats for dogs. AHT or Animal Health Trust doesn’t announce public warnings that often, that’s why this is a serious matter to be taken into consideration.

In 2007, the death of thousands of pets (dogs as well as cats), which was due to contaminated pet foods was recorded. A compound containing nitrogen, a melamine, had been added illegally to the imported dog or cat food from China.  The reason for the addition of the compound was to boost the protein content in the pet food. The mentioned compound could cause failure in your pet’s kidneys or worst of all result in death. About more than five thousand products of pet food have been recalled due to the damaging effects of it to pets.

Another recall of pet food has been made in the USA in the year 2013. Jerky treats for dogs are being blamed for the recall. Some of the negative effects that dogs may encounter due to these health-threatening treats include kidney failure. The dogs that have ingested jerky treats, which comes from China, have experienced appetite loss, an increase in urination, and increased thirst.

All food that you give to your dogs should be monitored carefully. Don’t just allow your dog to eat any delightful treats. Make sure to give to them treats that are safe.