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Frozen Treats – Healthy recipes for Huskies

Do you want to make healthy yet delightful treats for your Huskies yet you often don’t know what particular food to prepare and what recipes could be great? Well, there are several healthy delightful recipes that you can try and serve for your dogs. In this article, you would know the needed ingredients and how you could effectively prepare frozen delights for them.

Try the following delightful frozen recipes:

  1. Ice Cream Delights! Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Frozen Treats

You’ll surely have an easy and fast time doing this because the ingredients are only few and the process is very easy.


  • 1 large can (29 oz) of pumpkin puree (100%)
  • 1 cup yogurt (plain)
  • ½ cup peanut butter (crunchy). You should look for naturally created peanut butter that’s free from additives and extra sugar.


  • Thoroughly combine the ingredients together.
  • After mixing well, divide it into portion in a muffin pan or just put it one huge tub.
  • Carefully put it in your freezer.
  • After thorough freezing, you can now serve it to your dogs.
  •  When storing, always properly cover it.

When serving…

This will yield about four to five ice cream cups .Through the use of pan, which is utilized in making huge muffins, you can freeze the ice cream and yield mini divided parts. But you can also choose to store it in one container for easy scooping when serving.

Recipe’s Healthy Benefits

It is vital to serve treats with nutritional value. Serving peanut butter ice cream is not just delightful. It’s also healthy for your dogs. It is rich in fiber, has healthy fats and contains protein. Aside from that, it contains potassium, Zinc, magnesium and antioxidants. Pumpkin and yogurt  are also rich source of varied healthy elements like fiber, potassium, vitamins C, E and A, iron , Lactobacillus acidophilus (good for maintaining better intestinal flora), calcium (natural source) and beta carotene ( good for eye sights and assists in calming inflammation).

  1. Apple , Peanut Butter And  Banana  Frozen Treats

This is also an easy frozen recipe that you could try.  It utilizes healthy and natural ingredients such as organic banana, apples and natural peanut butter.


  • 1 medium peeled and chunked apple
  • 1 banana ( ripe)
  • ½ cup Greek Yogurt (2%)
  • ½ cup peanut butter (natural ,crunchy and no added sugar)


  • Combine the entire ingredients and put it into your blender. Do it until the mixture is already smooth.
  • Pour the mixture into the muffin moulds or just put it in one huge container.
  • Wait until the mixture is totally frozen.
  • Store it frozen and make sure it is fully covered.  Store it until it’s already good for serving.

Recipe’s Healthy Benefits

This delightful frozen treat can contribute a lot of nutritional components. Banana and apples contribute more of it. Because through these fruits, your dogs can have an access to protein, fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin C and Vitamin B, folate, potassium, copper, biotin, manganese, amino acids and many more.

  1.  Coconut Butter Strawberry  ice creamy treat

With its name, this has coconut butter in its ingredient list. For you to find this, you can go places where in natural foods are being sold.


  • 1 cup strawberries (fresh, hulled and washed). NOTE: You can also use varied types of strawberries like blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and others.
  • 32 oz tub Greek Yogurt (2%)
  • ½ cup coconut butter

  How to make Coconut Butter

  • To make the coconut butter, coconut flesh is needed.
  • A pinch is enough to create the butter.
  • Put 4 cups of flaked coconut and pour it in blender for about 15 to 20 minutes until it reaches the desirable texture.


  • Add the entire ingredients into your blender. Do it continuously until you’ve observed that the mixture is already smooth.
  • Afterwards, pour the mixture into the desired container or tray which will enable you to create large cubes of ice.
  • Let the mixture freeze to its fullest before you serve it.
  • When in freezer, tightly cover it.

Recipe’s Healthy Benefits

The coconut butter and strawberries contain varied beneficial nutritional elements. These include lauric acid (which ruins viruses, fungus and dangerous bacteria), fats, amino acids, magnesium, calcium, fiber, potassium, antioxidants, vitamin K and more.

  1. Banana , Pumpkin, Strawberry  Frozen Kong filling


  • 2 medium bananas (ripe and mashed using fork)
  • Smear of peanut butter (natural) for sealing Kong’s end
  • 6 strawberries (washed, crushed as well as hulled using fork)
  • ½ cup pumpkin puree (pure)


  • Altogether in a bowl, mix the ingredients.
  • Utilize butter knife or chopstick for arranging peanut butter’s blob in Kong’s bottom. This is done for sealing the hole.
  • Then with the use of butter knife, spatula and spoon, you can begin adding the created mixture in large Kong.
  • When it’s already full, set it (Kong) upright in a narrow container having high sides.
  • Then put it into the freezer.
  • Wait until the filling and the Kong are fully frozen.
  • Afterwards you can serve it to your dogs.
  • When there’s still pumpkin puree left, you can set it aside and put in freezer bag. Be able to freeze it in flat way. Instead of wasting left over of pumpkin, you can save it and use as ingredient for another delightful treats that you may want to do. Be wise. Save money while preparing extra nutritious and frozen food for your Huskies.
  1. Frozen Broth Delightful Treats

Keep your dogs cool and healthy during hot seasons. Broth is one of the favorable foods for your dogs. To prepare broth, meat, bones, fish, vegetables, cereal grains and others are being simmered. It’s a type of liquid preparation of food.

In summer time, you can serve broth in cool freezing way. This is through creating frozen broth delightful treats. Here, you could include any nutritious vegetables may it be cooked or raw and freeze it afterwards. You can prepare it with the use of crock pot or stock pot.


  • One large chicken ( bone in )
  • Huge stock pot containing ½ cold water
  • Fresh vegetables (assorted which may include  celery, broccoli, carrots)


  • In the stock pot, place the chicken.
  • Add the vegetables that are cut into chunks. Make sure it is cleaned properly.
  • See to it that both the vegetable and chicken are completely covered with water.
  • Then add about four to five inches water in the said pot.
  • Always remember that for you to prepare good broth you should start with cold water until it boils. When it reaches that boiling temperature, lower the temperature and simmer. Never continue cooking at water’s boiling point.
  • In an hour, simmer the chicken broth. When the ingredients (vegetable and chicken) start to float, that is a sign that it is already cooked.
  • When you observed that it’s really cooked, remove the vegetables and chicken and put it in a bowl.
  • Then the liquid or broth should be put in fridge to keep it cool.

Bone Broth — Frozen Cubes Cooking Procedure

  • Along with the recipe, cook broth of bones.
  • Be able to cool the bone broth before you handle it.
  • Put the cooled bone broth into the freezer.
  • Then add the raw as well as cooked vegetable into the bone broth. If your Huskies will not like the chunked vegetables in it, you can remove it. The bone broth is enough to supply them vast minerals and vitamins.
  • Use sealed containers to seal the broth.

Recipe’s Healthy Benefits

Cooked bones contribute a lot when it comes to nutritional content. Some of these nutritional components are phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, trace minerals, collagen, and amino acids.   To improve and attain good bone condition, broth of bones greatly helps because it contains glucosamine and chondroitin.

On the other hand, the added vegetables also provide varied vitamins, fiber and other beneficial minerals.

Suggestion on Serving 

Frozen treats could be very delightful for your Huskies. But it is advisable for you to feed them with frozen treats outside. Giving it indoor will just make your interior a messy one. Be wise regarding the sizes of frozen delights. It is vital for you to create favorable frozen cubes to avoid wasting food due to melting. Always remember to serve every frozen treats that you’ve prepared with care and love.

Like you, Huskies and other dogs also need a mean of cooling themselves. They also want to cool themselves when hot weather arrives. So creating frozen treats for them would surely be the best. You can search online on other delightful frozen yet nutritious treats for your Huskies. Putting an effort on your love ones like your dogs is really a thoughtful thing to do. So trying to personally prepare food for them would surely be appreciated.