Furminator Review-Choosing the best for your Huskies

Looking for a grooming instrument for your dogs? Furminator would probably one of those tools that you need. It performs great role most especially when it’s time for your Huskies’ shedding season. Furminator is utilized to remove coats that shed from your dog or any of your pet’s skin including the guard hair or topcoat and undercoat.

Typically this contains fine and solid comb tooth design that has stylish push button, which can push the captured furs out within the Fulminator’s teeth. Such design would save your time and effort in pulling furs from the tool.

If you’re about to purchase Furminator product, what would you choose? To know the advantages and the drawbacks, here’s some review regarding this Husky grooming tool.

Furminator deShed Tool Dog Large (Yellow long Hair)

This comes with fine teeth, which are favorable for pulling fur. The Furminator’s push button also works great as it effectively pulls off the hairs out of the brush. But fine teeth of this Furminator could sometimes pull the coats, which make your dog snap back. Aside from that, though most the hair is being pull off, it still don’t push the entire hair. Still, it’s not a bad thing.

It’s important to note that Furminators should be comb to dogs when their hair is dry. If combing is done a bit hard, the blade scrape will reach the dog skin.


  • Shedding will be reduced for about %90.
  • It also has FURejector button, making deShedding easy and convenient for owners.
  • Its deSheding edge is stainless steel, which touches deep under the topcoat of your Huskies.
  • This tool doesn’t just act like a brush, it’s also best for minimizing fur sheds on the carpet of your house. It’s effective and easy to utilize.

Customer Ratings and Feedback

Customers have rated this large grooming tool 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. According to one of them, it functions well in stripping excess fur or hair and decreasing dog hair on house floor. However, minimal pressure is required when you comb your dogs with Furminator because its sharp teeth may irritate your Huskie’s skin.

Furminator come in varied sizes from small to extra-large. You may decide what convenient size for you to use. For dogs that sheds constantly and heavily, such as your Siberian Huskies, the use of Furminator will reduce too much fur mess in any corners of your premises.