Halloween Danger- Keep Your Dogs Safe during this Holiday

Are you excited for Halloween gala? It’s a once in a year feast that is widely celebrated by most of you. But during this moment, you shouldn’t forget to be cautious in the midst of your Halloween engagement schedules. There are cases that accidents happen, involving you or your dogs in the middle of something great. So, to secure the safety of your best buddy, like Siberian Husky, you must know the things that could harm them and make them safe during Halloween.

The following are some tips on how you can keep your dogs safe during this holiday:

The risk of gums and candies

Aside from the bitter effects of chocolates on your dogs is the danger brought by candies, as well as gum. This is because candies contain xylitol, a risky ingredient for dogs. This is an ingredient that is considered as highly toxic to dogs and other pets. If this is ingested by your dogs, it can cause liver damage and a rapid decrease in their blood sugar. Aside from that, when dogs eat hard candies, it can lead to obstruction in their stomach. Pancreatic inflammation may also happen.

In 2009, there were about 300 cases of xylitol poison in pets. This was registered by a helpline for poisoned pets. Furthermore, there were more xylitol exposures, over 2 800, registered in 2015.

Keep chocolates away from your Siberian Huskies

Chocolates and related sweets are some of the delightful treats that a child could receive during Halloween. If you and your child have collected different chocolates, don’t try to share it with your Siberian Huskies. It is one of the major causes of indigestion as well as ingestion problems in them. Chocolates contain theobromine, which is harmful to your Huskies.

Dogs will have a hard time in digesting chocolates and it could poison them. The negative effects of chocolates on dogs vary from the kind of chocolate that has been ingested by your dogs. Dark chocolates have more theobromine content that is why it is more poisonous to them.

When Siberian Huskies accidentally eat chocolate and are poisoned by it, you may observe symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, fast heart rate, agitation, rise in blood pressure, as well as seizures. Moreover, abdominal pain, organ damage, and loss of appetite could also be suffered by your dogs.

Note shimmering jewelry and glowing sticks

Dogs, like your child, are also curious about everything in their surroundings. They can chew, bite or even eat it. That is why you should be very particular in everything that your dogs are chewing. It could be very dangerous if you’re unable to prevent them from chewing those shimmering things.

There are cases where dogs lick or chew glowing sticks. Be mindful because it can cause mouth irritation and pain. It may not cause too much harm to their life but the health disturbance it may cause in your dogs can be quite alarming, because dogs may experience drooling, foaming and vomiting.

 Keep batteries of flashlights or candles (battery powered) secured

If batteries of your flashlights are located in a place where your dogs can find them, out of curiosity they may play and chew on them, which will lead to toxicity in your pets. They may experience corrosive injuries in their mouth, esophagus, and stomach. Always make sure to keep these toxic items away from your dogs.

Handle the candles with care

Candles are in demand and always have its scene or space during Halloween. When handling candles with your dogs around, always be very careful. The excited tails, as well as the curious noses of your dogs, may accidentally land on the candles’ flame, which will not be good for them. They may suffer from thermal injuries.


Say “Hello” to scary make-ups and fearful fascinating Halloween costumes. This holiday is fastly approaching, so better be ready to be the scariest version of yourself during Halloween. You often get excited and want to include your dogs in Halloween gala. That could be a nice idea but don’t overdo the costume of your dogs because it can harm them. There are really amazing and dashing Halloween costumes for dogs but it can make them very uncomfortable. It may result in your dogs’ difficulty in breathing, furthermore, suffering from too much heat and having impaired vision.

The application of hair dyes can also cause irritation and harm to their skin. Aside from that, limit the beads attached to your pet’s costume or if possible don’t include any because your dogs may chew, lick or eat them. Some beads that have metallic content can harm your dog’s system. It is extremely recommended to check whether a costume is safe or unsafe for your pets.

No to raisins

Many of you may love raisins but please keep them away from your pets, especially your dogs. Though they are healthy for humans, dogs and other animals may react differently to them. They can be extremely poisonous for them. Giving your Siberian Huskies raisins or grapes can harm their health as they can cause renal failure and other serious problems.

Candy wrappers

Kids love candies so much and this is very typically at their age. But they also have the tendency to place their waste such as candy wrappers, wherever they want. When dogs find, play with and eat candy wrappers, they can be toxic to them. If they have ingested cellophane or foil wrappers, it will not be good for their health because it can cause bowel obstruction and stomach irritation.

Securing the safety of your dogs is very important. No matter what event is celebrated, the welfare of your dogs should always be considered. There are a lot of things that could bring your dogs in danger. That is why being aware of every potential risk for your dogs will give assurance to your dogs’ security. Always be vigilant, and rejoice while being extra careful. You can make their Halloween special through securing their safety and welfare. Have a fun Halloween with your dogs.




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