Health Alert – 10 Health Problems of Your Siberian Huskies

Sleeping Husky Puppy


Siberian Huskies is one of those cool dog breeds that have been part of several dog-loving families. That is why when they got sick dog lovers like you also feel the same way emotionally. Compared to other breeds, your Huskies are outstandingly healthy. But this doesn’t mean that they are already free from any diseases. Some of these common health problems include the following:

1. Zinc Deficiency or Zinc Responsive Dermatosis

Like you, your dogs also need sufficient supply of zinc in their body. If not, Siberian Huskies may suffer from hair loss on their elbows, feet, hocks, and most especially in their eyelids, chin and lips area.  With this problem, consulting your vet for advises will surely help. Supplements may help like zinc supplement but still, guidance of vet will be best assurance.

2. Corneal Dystrophy

This is a type of hereditary disease that affects your Huskies’ eyes particularly its cornea.   When your huskies have this, you can observe particularly small dots (white) in its cornea. With this eye condition, your dogs can experience opaqueness or even hazy vision. Unfortunately, there is still no therapy considered to be effective in curing this condition.

3. PRA or Progressive Retinal Atrophy

This is another hereditary form of eye disease. In this, retina of your dogs is wasted away.   Dog owners like you can early detect this when you have your dogs screened. If you have a Siberian Husky puppy with you and you would like to know whether it has the eye condition, you can let your dog undergo some PRA examination.

With this disease, your Huskies may suffer from night vision. Later on, problems on its daytime vision will gradually become worst until it sees nothing.

4. Hereditary Cataracts

Most people think that cataract is a condition that is frequently formed on old age. But with Siberian Huskies in mind, this eye condition is not caused by old age but somewhat caused by genes and heredity. Some of the signs experienced by your Huskies include lens opacity. Your dog can experience it as early as three (3) months. Siberian Huskies eye sight is impaired because light can’t enter into its vision.

5. Hypothyroidism

This is a problem that has something to do with your dogs’ thyroid gland. In this, the amount of secretion of their thyroid hormone is not normal.   When your Siberian Huskies have this disease, you can observe a gain in weight on them though they are not eating much. Fur loss as well as visible bald spots located on your dogs’ coat is another sign.  If your Siberian Huskies have this, they would seem to be lifeless and would only choose to stay   and rest in warm corners of your house.

6. CHD or Canine Hip Dysplasia

This condition is another type of genetic disorder that can affect your Huskies. It is a condition where in your dogs’ fermus is improperly set into the socket of your dog’s hip. In other words, the hock joint as well as the elbow of your Huskies is somewhat loose which keeps its bones from sleeping out. This disease is also visible to other breeds of dogs. If you don’t want this condition not   to be suffered by your beloved dogs, screening   the parent dogs as part of breeding program is important.

7. Poisoning caused by plants

Your garden might be beautiful and refreshing to see but it can cause dangers on your Siberian Huskies. Check out some poisonous plants on your garden like Ferns, amaryllis, Chrysanthemum, Peace Lilies and many more. There are times that your dogs may choose to have grass diet. When this happens, there’s great possibility for poisoning. When you have observed that your dogs are having seizures, vomiting, convulsions and others,   immediately seek the assistance of your vet.

8. Heatstroke

Exposure to too much heat may result in heatstroke among your Siberian Huskies. To avoid this unfortunate occurrence on your dogs, let them drink ample water each day and give them cool area to stay in your garden.

9. Lymph nodes that are enlarged

This is a type of abnormality that you may observe on your Siberian Huskies. One of these abnormal conditions is on their lymph nodes. If you’ve seen this, ask your vet’s advice regarding this.

10. Hot Spots

When your Siberian Huskies continuously lick the same place in its body, this is the time when hot spots develop. This is a condition where your dogs experience skin lesion as well as hair loss. When Siberian Huskies have this, the bacteria on it will continuously spread   to other areas in your dogs’ body.   Right treatment for this is consultation of your vet. You’ll be advised what antibacterial spray products will be best cure for this condition.

Diseases, if left untreated may result in further unfortunate occurrence.   To avoid sorrowful results regarding the health condition of your Siberian Huskies, proper grooming or caring about their health is definitely needed.