How To Keep Your Pet Safe During Hurricane Season

Natural catastrophes are a very scary phenomenon to endure and live through. They are mostly out of our control and very destructive. Exactly that, is why you should be mentally prepared to take all necessary precautions to ensure your family, and your furry friends stay safe.

Whether you’re preparing for weather changes or gathering important items for a pack-up, you need to remember that grabbing the right pet supplies along could be life-saving and make the entire process easier. Read through the following instructions to prepare yourself for hurricane season and make sure to read our pet checklist thoroughly for an easier experience.


The most important asset for clear quick thinking and therefore staying safe and keeping your pet safe, is the ability to remain calm. Pets tend to sense our moods and at times even adopt their owner’s mood in times of disturbance. It makes sense; they sense danger, they act out. If they see you panicking, they might lose it. Therefore it is extremely important for them to see you calm in order to not make a scene and make it all the more difficult to act correctly.

Gather Knowledge

It is extremely urgent to always stay up to date with the state of the hurricane, its movements and everything the weather channel, the radio and the internet can tell you. It will help you plan ahead, anticipate the right move for your family and of course, inform you in case your area needs to be evacuated.


An absolute necessity during a preparation for evacuation is to take your pet with you. You need to pack your pet’s important supplies and make sure they are with you when you leave. Avoid tying them up to a tree or anything at all costs, as well as leaving them behind even if in the bunker. It will not only leave them at high risk, but also prevent them from running away or escaping the strength of the waters. Make sure you have a pet carrier where you can keep your furry friend under your watch and grab them while leaving without any worries or resistance. Remember to grab your pet’s vaccination records and their medical history papers along to avoid complications that might occur later.

Stocking-Up Supplies

A hurricane or a natural disaster that requires evacuation could leave you parted from your home for days in a row. In order to not end up in unpleasant situations, make sure you pack your pet’s necessary supplies before you leave amongst your things.

We put together a checklist of items for your pet necessary for hurricane season:

  1. A sealed container of pet food for 7 to 10 days.
  1. 7 to 10 days worth of bottled water. Prepare and keep them stored.
  1. Keep copies of your pet’s medical and vaccine records on a usb stick or on an online pet health tracker.
  1. Make sure to store your pet’s prescribed medicine in a waterproof container.
  1. Keep recent photos of your pet on your phone or on the usb stick in case of separation.
  1. Pet-safe cleaning and potty supplies. Include disinfectants, garbage bags, potty or potty pads and a travel disposable litter box.
  1. ID tags updated with contact information necessary for an identification during an emergency situation.
  1. Comfort items such as a blanket, treats, toys and a bed.

If you remember other items important for your pet, do put them on your list if they are necessary.

Pet Emergency Sticker

It’s important to put out pet emergency stickers to alert professional rescue personnel if your per happens to be stuck somewhere.


Microchips are vital nowadays, especially if you are separated from your pet and need to locate one another or if your pet needed to undergo an identification process.

Emergency Caregiver

You need to make sure your pet is looked after and taken care of, in case something occurs that hinders you from doing so yourself. Ask your friends or family members and plan a back-up emergency hurricane season action.

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