Huskies’ Emergency First Aid Kit –What to Include?

Huskies are one of the most playful and energetic dog breeds. This is the reason why   the possibility for them to get hurt or injured is high.  As an owner, you should always be ready with any particular dog accidents that may happen any time.

Not knowing what to do when your pets bleed due to collision or battle, you would surely be very worried. Your Huskies have their curios nature.  When they run to capture something or engage in some activities, you should always be prepared. During emergency,   having temporary cure may lessen the pain suffered by your dogs.

Homeopathy – One Great Remedy For Your Dogs

This efficiently works on animals.   Any particular remedy is selected depending on the illness that’s being experienced by the patient.  When you have correct remedy with you, symptoms, pain and sufferings will be reduced.

Homeopathic   remedies can be seen in vials, which you can keep and stored together in a bin made of plastic having lid.  Having this remedy in your home will enable you to worry less and give first aid immediately.

Here are twelve (12) Homeopathic Remedies to include in your emergency Kit.

  • Arnica – this naturally relieves stiffness and pain. Furthermore, this works great on decreasing
  • Apis mellifica –Great for treating insect bites. Just give few does and that will suffice.
  • Belladonna or Chamomillia – for relieving pain.
  • Acontium –this is best for relieving panic or nervousness.
  • Calendula –Very advisable for treating scrapes and cuts
  • Hepar sulphur –Perfect for treating abscesses of wherever on the body.
  • Hypericum –This helps in relieving    pain when having nerve damage.
  • Arsenicum album – when tummy aches or becomes upset this is a good remedy. This is good for diarrhea and vomiting. It is advisable to give this two per hour for little hours.
  • Borax – Can relieve fear. Mostly, this is needed during New Year where fireworks are everywhere.
  • Ruta –When accident happened and knee injury occurs, Ruta can be the best remedy.
  • Ledum –This help best in puncture wounds.
  • Silicea –This has a natural capability in helping to push out splinters on body.
  • Myristica – If there is anal sac problem, this can greatly help.
  • Rhus tox –When swelling is observe, you can relieve it through this.

For immediate response to dog accidents   having an emergency kit in your house is a great thing.  Here are some of your dog’s emergency kits on giving first aid.

  • Nonstick bandages— responsible for controlling bleeding
  • Gauze – for wrapping the wounds around and controlling bleeding
  • Adhesive tape– for securing  bandages  and  gauze
  • Clean towels—for wiping dirt or others
  • Small and large bandage ( Ace Tensor)
  • Alcohol and Iodine –for disinfecting your dog wounds
  • Activated charcoal –for helping poison absorption which can be ingested by your pets.
  • Hydrogen peroxide —Helps to encourage vomiting on your dogs. Used when your dog ingested toxic food  like
  • Cloth muzzle — Needed when Huskies become aggressive due to their injury.
  • Tick removal equipment
  • Cotton balls as absorbent
  • Digital thermometer
  • Eye wash
  • Scissors for cutting cloth strips in order to create string bandage

To maintain the safety of your dogs   especially your Husky, being prepared all the time will enable you to do that.   Having first aid kits reduces more risk. Thus, this saves your dogs from more harmful outcomes.   You will never know what the future brings to your dog.  With this, emergency kit is required.