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Huskypedia Episode 1

Huskypedia Episode 1 “Mr. Mazen Salem” 

Mazen Salem Bio:

-President of National Siberian Husky Club of Egypt “NSHCE”
-Founder of Mazen’s Kennel


About Manen’s Kennel    

Our love for this wonderful breed is demonstrated in our provision of unique care and maintenance for them. We achieve this by maintaining a small ‘home kennel’ that hosts only a limited number of Huskies at any given time.
Accordingly, we strive to host only the highest quality of the breed – affording them the highest of attention, care and social environment.
Unfortunately, although this insistence on expertise translates into the cutest,
most adorable and highly maintained puppies, the downside is that we offer only few litters per year. This means that we barely meet demands and that there are regular waiting lists for our gorgeous pups.

Mazen’s Kennel Facebook:

NSHCE Facebook:


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