Important Notes in Training Siberian Huskies

What is your method of teaching or training your dogs? Are you doing it right? Are you overdoing it or you’re doing fewer efforts? There will surely great efforts required in training your dogs like your Huskies. Correcting their wrong behavior as well as improving the good behaviors that they already develop can be a bit complex and tiring.

In dog training, working hard is vital. But doing your best to achieve the best result is not enough. Doing every training session and training decision wisely is one of the best things to do. Working hard can be disappointing when you found out that you just waste your time onto something irrelevant. That is why wise decision is needed.

The following are some of the wonderful tips on how to effectively and wisely train your Huskies:

  • Ignoring signal of release

The entire parts of training your dogs are very much crucial. If you want to achieve something and reshape the harsh behavior of your dogs, you should start and do some appropriate action. You will follow a long and hard track in training them. But letting your dogs learn what is expected of them in training (such as sitting or command SIT), will not be considered as accomplished training for sitting. When your dogs finally learn to sit with your cues, the next question will be how long will your dog sit? What will be the next cue for you to end the session and for your dogs to finally move on sitting?

Don’t ignore giving release signals. It is essential for your dogs to know when they will be free from training session. There are times that your dogs move constantly when you cue them to sit.  That is why release signal is also crucial in every training routine.

  • Go for quality training rather than quantity

This kind of rule is very applicable everywhere such as in your house, in your work and in training your dogs. Always go for quality not just for quantity. Know relevant training methods and apply it to your dogs. Remember that a quality session of training is one of wise practice of dog trainers. Know how to invest your time and effort very well.

Quantity of training pertains to the training repetition or training duration. Some of you may perceive that training dogs as long as possible is beneficial. But remember that you are training your dogs and not humans. They can have short attention to whatever you are teaching. If they got bored and tired of it, training will not be efficient. Short training periods are recommended. With that duration, see to it that you made a quality session with them.

  • Refrain from giving your dogs attention when they do something wrong

When dogs committed a mistake such as being naughty and any related wrong doings, you often become angry, scold them and sometimes hit them. In this situation, did you know that you are rewarding your dogs due to the attention you gave to them?

Most of you may thought that attention may just pertain to positive sweet and caring affection that most dog owners give. But there’s also this negative attention which can also be rewarding to the perception of your dogs. With this, always be cautious in giving them rewards. See to it that the attention and treats you give will be for the good deed of your dogs because there’s possibility that they can misinterpret everything.

  • Consistency equals success

Being successful in every goal you set is not easy. Some of you may succeed but there are other people who painfully fail.  This scheme is very typical in this world. But the only thing that most of you and most specialists are sure of is the truth that if you are persistent and consistent with your positive attitude in achieving your dreams, you will soon be in the place you always wanted. This is the same in teaching your dogs to learn some valuable behaviors. When you display consistent attitude in training your dogs, you will have great chance in shaping their behavior to the positive spot.

Remember that your dogs belong to some creatures that develop a habit. Let your cues be their guide. Always make sure that you use the same cues for giving them orders. Furthermore, for effective training, all members of your family should also display consistency in giving cues or commands.

  • No to optional cues

When you are training your dogs, what is the particular attitude that you show to them? Are you willing to give orders or cues and patiently wait for them to respond? Or you just let your dogs to what they like such as tolerating disobedience? For people or dog owners who are extremely focused on the development and behavior improvement of dogs, consistency will matter.  But here are people who find many excuses to let their dogs escape training and disobey orders.

Always remember that, having a goal and sticking to it no matter what happens is vital in achieving success. So in training your Huskies don’t let them think that your cues will be just an option for them to follow. Make your every command become a strong rule for them obey. Make compliance a mandatory one.

  • Seek for professional touch

When you are at the midst of a problem where you don’t anymore know what to do, the best thing to do is to ask for help and admit that you need it. Dealing with special and unique breeds like Siberian Huskies will let you wonder on varied of things. That is why professional guidance or advice is needed. Consult them whenever you have problems regarding your Huskies.

The whole process of dog training can be hard, tiring, frustrating and disappointing.  It takes time to achieve the desired result. But on the other side, it could be fun, interactive and blissful. Always give your full effort and determination on training session. Don’t give up easily. Instead, enjoy training’s ups and downs.