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How to Deal with Shedding

Huskies have a double coat that serves to protect them from the very cold weather, heat and UV rays of the sun in hot climate areas. No matter the climate, Huskies will need their double coat to adjust and cope with the weather conditions, and that is why they should never be shaved. They...

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Vaccination Veterinary

Choosing a Vet While Still Protecting Your Pup

In the very economically practical world, we live in, one might come across many vets that are financially motivated and morally corrupt. There is no doubt that people who choose to pursue a career in veterinary do so with good intentions and love for animals, however only a few manage to...

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Puppy 101 Training

What to do if your dog gets loose?

Dogs are very active beings, they love to run, tease and play. Sometimes, they even provoke you on purpose just to get some attention or to force you to play with them. When your dog is left alone for quite some time during the day, chances are they are going to be bored and have an...

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