Learning on Difficult Dogs

How would you describe difficult dogs? Most of you will be very pestered when your garden becomes so terrible due to the playful and energetic behavior of your dogs. Your fences, the cleanliness of your house, your peace of mind will surely be at stake. There are also times when your dogs behave in a not good manner – such as disobeying you.

The following are some of the things that you could learn in your difficult dogs:

  • Become Stronger, More Resilient, and Patient

Dealing with difficult dogs can make you stronger as well as resilient than you were before. You will also learn to form ample patience, compassion as well as understanding.

  • Enhance Own Thinking

Your dogs will enable you to think more in looking for new ways in solving some dog problems.  Having dogs, addressing their needs, thinking of right diets and strategies on how to effectively feed them, will enable you to enhance your own thinking.

  • Improve Sense Of Humor

You will improve your sense of humor even more. Handling difficult dogs will make you realize that there are things that you cannot change nor control throughout your journey.

  • Realize The Greatness Of Achieving A Task

Training difficult dogs and being able to be successful at it will enable you to feel and realize how great it is to accomplish a task perceived as impossible.

  • Learn To Love Unconditionally

With varied experiences given by your dogs, you learn about what they call, ‘’unconditional love’’. If you are a dog lover, you would understand that loving dogs is beyond their cuteness and goodness. Loving them unconditionally is choosing to stay with them, to accept and to love the flaws they have. With some of their bad behaviors, you still embrace them wholeheartedly.

  • Know More About Yourself  Or Who You Are As A Person

Throughout the course of loving your difficult dogs, you learn more about yourselves. How you care or deal with your dogs often reflects your personality or the type of a person you are.  Having difficult dogs enables you to ponder on and realize things. These dogs often serve as your motivation to become more responsible,  more loving, organized and accountable for everything you do. You can observe how good you are in taking care of them. It reflects on some of your imperfections as well as bad habits.

  • Enable You To Realize Your Mistakes

By just dealing with and continuously loving your difficult dogs, you are learning some of the life’s lessons. They don’t just bring joy upon you.  They also enable you to realize some of your mistakes and how to properly correct them.

Other Beneficial Realization When Dealing With Difficult Huskies

  • Accepting Differences

Though you have a difficult dog, you should accept them wholly. Don’t wish them to be like other dogs, which behave rightfully and sweet. There are times when your dogs make some situations extra difficult or complicated for you. When in these moments or situations, you should face it with love and patience. Don’t let difficult situations enable you to abandon your dogs. Your dogs need you in difficult instances.

  • Just Enjoy Difficult Moments And Go On

When you are with your difficult Huskies, you should remember not to be too sensitive to what’s happening. Don’t let your irritation make you quit. Just go on.

  • Pay Attention To What They Have and Not What They’re Lacking

Don’t give too much attention to what your dogs are not capable of doing. Instead, pay attention to the things that they can do. In every step towards achieving valuable changes, you should guide your dogs enthusiastically and rightfully.

  • Enjoy The Present Experiences Instead of Thinking About The Future

Always remember to enjoy the whole process instead of just focusing on the end goals. Don’t always think or focus on the end, you should also enjoy what’s happening in present. Being able to enjoy and learn from experiences is more vital compared to the destination. Remember, the price or worth of everything could not just be found in the end, most of the times, those brilliant treasured events are embedded within the journey.

  • A Portion Of  Their Behavior Doesn’t  Define Their Whole Personality

Like in human behavior, the ways your dogs behave don’t define the type of dogs they really are. This means that how they act doesn’t define their whole entity as a living dog. Difficult dogs can always be trained and be guided to the right path.

  • Positive Thinking and Believing In Yourself

Hope for the best and think for the positive result. A miracle will happen soon. Dealing with a problem with a positive outlook has a higher chance of achieving progress compared to having a negative mind. It’s just a matter of thinking, believing and hoping. It is always possible for you to surpass difficult situations if you believe in yourself. Remember that mindset plays a great part in your success.

  • Accepting Flaws and Imperfections

Nothing is perfect. So, you should fully accept the flaws and greatness of your dogs. Many of you may become frustrated when your dogs don’t obey you, and growl at you when you scold them. When you’re with some difficult Huskies, your patience will be tested. You will also learn to accept and love them unconditionally together with their imperfections. When it comes to your memories, it will depend on you which thoughts to hold and which thoughts to let go.

Just Rest but Never Quit

Difficult dogs are hard to train most of the time. But as an owner, you often expect and hope that when you invest your time and effort to initiate change in their behavior, you will get a favorable result immediately. Well, in reality, brilliant changes don’t happen at once. It takes time so you often get frustrated with the slow result you get.

Yes, training and instructing your dogs is exhausting, it requires long patience. Throughout the process of dealing with your difficult Huskies, just remember to take rest whenever you’re tired and disappointed with the result. Never quit on them. Loving them is one great thing in changing their acquired negative behavior.

There are times that you think that you’ve reached your limitation and have done everything to create changes. But don’t use this as the reason to just give up. It is part of a long journey, a process which you should embrace wholeheartedly. You could try varied training techniques in training your dogs. All you need to do is to have lots of patience, exert more efforts and invest more of your time.