Buying a Husky

Looks the same but actually different – Huskies’ Look A Likes

Are you that confident in correctly determining whether a certain dog is a Husky or not? Some of you may be fully assured about it because Siberian Huskies have unique features. But did you know that there are other dog breeds that look closely the same as them? At first look you will surely be confused.

The following are some dog breeds that looks like Siberian Huskies:

  • Alaskan Malamute


Malamutes and Huskies really looks the same. They also have similarities like in shedding. But Alaskan Malamutes shed more compared to Siberian Huskies. Like your dogs, this breed is very friendly, patient, playful and seeks for your care and attention.


  • Akita Inu


This comes from Japan’s mountainous region of the north. Like Huskies, these dogs are large, affectionate and careful dogs. In terms of training, it is advisable to train them in younger age in order to avoid too much aggressiveness as well as over protectiveness. The life span of these dogs ranges from ten (10) up to twelve (12) years.


  • Tamaskan Dog


This is crossbreed dog. They originate in Finland which is crossed with standardized sled dog breeds. Aside from Siberian Husky look, this dog also have wolf dog looks. Compared to Huskies, this dog shed less. Some of the related characteristics among Huskies and Tamaskan include being gentle with kids and being nice to the family they belong. Typically the life span of these dogs ranges from fourteen (14) to fifteen (15) years.


  • Alaskan Klee Kai


Are you really looking at a Husky? No, it’s probably Alaskan Klee Kai. By just looking their color, size, ears and eyes, you could mistakenly identify them as Huskies. This dog breed is developed during 1970s, which totally resembles Huskies. This dog inherits northern heritage in terms of appearance, energy and intelligence. The only difference could be seen in their size. They’re a bit smaller compared to Alaskan Huskies. Their typical life span ranges from twelve (12) up to sixteen (16) years.


  • Utonagan Dog



These dogs, like Huskies, are popular for their alertness, intelligence, loyalty, friendliness, responsive and socialize dogs. Utonagan Dog is crossed from Siberian Huskies, German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute. These dogs can be seen in varied colors like gray, white, silver and brown. These dogs last for about ten to fifteen years.


  • American Eskimo Dog



This breed belongs to Spitz family. Previously, these dogs are German Spitz but because of 1st World War’s certain prejudice, the name is replaced by American Eskimo Dog. Like most Huskies, these dogs are obedient. But be alert when they are with your kids because they are less tolerant with them. Their life span ranges from twelve to fifteen years.

  • Samoyed


Its name originates from Siberian people. They are fluffy whitish breed of dogs that are beneficial in herding as well as pulling sleds. With the shape of their face, they look the same with Huskies. Like other dogs, Samoyed are extremely friendly and avoid being lonesome. These dogs enjoy activities like hikes, canine sports, walking and jogging. These dogs can reach twelve up to fourteen years of life.

  • Keeshond



Keeshonds are just medium in size. Like Huskies, they also have two layer of coat. This breed originates from Germany. Similar with other dog breeds, never let these dogs feel lonesome. They also love making outdoor activities. Their life span ranges from twelve to fifteen years.

  • Finnish Spits



From its name, this breed starts from Finland. Originally, these are bred for hunting such as hunting rodents, squirrels and even bears. They look similar with Huskies in terms of physical appearance. But in terms of character, these dogs are extremely talkative. They really love barking. Typically, the lives of these dogs can reach up to twelve to fifteen years.

Be observant and don’t be deceived by those Husky looking dogs.