Feeding & Nutrition

Raw Feeding – An Introduction

Do you want to try other types of beneficial diet for your dogs? Aside from your Huskies usual kibble diet, raw feeding can also be one great diet options.  Some of you may have heard about this diet. What is really raw feeding or raw diet?

What Is Raw Feeding?

This refers to the practice where   the diet domestic   cats, dogs and other animals are primarily composed of uncooked meat, organs and edible bones.

People who promotes raw eating on their pet  believe that having  raw food diet  (raw  organs, meat, bones) can  give  more  nutritional  power  compared  to  those commercially produced and cooked food.   According to them, carefully planned raw meal or diet will   give animals vast healthy benefits.

Guidelines on Raw Feeding

Compared to just feeding your dogs with kibble,    the decision to   give them raw diet    has its complexity. But if you make raw diet rightfully,   your dogs and their health will surely improve a lot.

Here are the estimated entire ratios of raw foods.

  • 5% meat organs
  • 5% liver
  • 10% edible  bone
  • 80% meat, ligaments, sinew and fat

 Important Things to Remember When It Comes To Raw Feeding

  • In overall, you should remember not to give your dogs, like Huskies,   organ meats that go above 10% in their every diet.           The 5 % should be composed of liver.   It is advisable to feed your dogs   liver just one time per week.   If possible, you can also try to look for organic source of food.
  • Remember to always feed your Huskies with raw bones. Frequently, cooked bones just pierce and splinter their intestines or stomach.
  • When you feed your dogs with meat, they will get high phosphorus. There is also high calcium in bones.  When you feed your dogs with 10% meat,   the calcium requirement of your dogs   will surely be complied.    To create more balance regarding   the health and   mineral needs of your Huskies, addition of eggs, fish, whole prey is vital.
  • To further support and develop healthy joints among your dogs, glucosamine and chondrointin should be in their diet. Some of the natural and excellent sources of this are poultry feet, trachea and trim.
  • Before feeding your dogs with salmon and meat, you should freeze them first   for about two weeks.   Through this,   meat parasites will be eliminated and killed.
  • Feeding them with bones can be a bit risky. So   supervision   or monitoring should be done when they are chewing bones. In this way, you will secure the safety of your dogs.

  Raw Diet and Addition Of Supplements

Is giving supplements advisable when you are giving raw diet? This can be one of several questions that run into your mind.   Well, the answer in No.  Like what’s   previously mentioned, when you are able to correctly prepare a raw food diet,   it will yield several health benefits. So supplementation should not anymore be added.  Raw diet is complete food source, which just means that it’s rich in vitamins, minerals and calories.

But still, due to varied factors   involving dogs’ genetic composition,   there’s still no accuracy in terms of nutritional absorption. Some important supplements   needed by your dogs imclude:

  • Calcium
  • Plant oils
  • Vitamin E
  • Iodine source
  • Fish Oils
  • Green foods
  •  Spirulina
  • Alpha alpha’s green blends

When you are thinking about the idea of raw diet, it is vital to remember that having too much of minerals and vitamins   will not be good for your dogs. This is the same with preparing diet that has low nutritional contribution.

 Raw Food -Giving the Right Amount To Your Huskies

Giving your dogs a raw diet is great due to its health related advantages.  But still, knowing the right amount to feed them will be the main requirement. Almost all dogs are able to eat about two (2) up to three (3) percent   of their weight in a day.

The Calculation-   Your Dogs’ Weights, the Percentage and the Food They Eat

  • Dogs weighing 10 kg

At 2%, dogs eat 200g food per day

At 3%, dogs eat 900g food per day

  • For 20 kg dogs

At 2%, dogs would eat 400g food per day

At 3%, dogs would eat 600g food per day

  • When dogs weighs  30 kg

At 2%, dogs would eat 600g food per day

At 3%, dogs would eat 900 g food per day

  • When your dogs are more than six months old, you can divide the feeding time to two in a day.
  • When your  puppies are ages four up to six  months,  three meals in a day is advisable
  •  For puppies having age below four months, you could divide their means into 4 per day.

Giving raw food is somewhat essential because it can contribute a lot to the health progress of your Huskies. But when giving this, make sure that you know more about raw food.