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Is It Safe To Feed Raw Fish To Your Dogs?


Cats are so in love fish most especially if it’s raw. Your dogs would surely love it too, but are you allowed to feed your dog raw fish? Will it be safe for them?

Set aside you worries because, yeah, your dog could eat raw fish. But this comes with varied nutritional mindfulness. There are still lots of things to consider. Adding fish to the diet of your Huskies let them have access to vital supplements and fatty acids. It all depends with the moderation of fish addition. Some dog owners feed fish to dogs not as their pet’s full meal but as a topper of the food.

When you consulted your vets, they may not advised you to feed raw fish to your Huskies due to the bacteria and parasites living on it including flukes, tapeworms, roundworms and others. But considering the raw diet scheme, still, may breeder and dog owners feed or include raw fish on dogs’ meal.

According to some conducted researches, feeding your Huskies and other dogs with raw fish is really safe.  But the food should be frozen within 24 hours (at least) in order to kill those bacteria and parasites. Aside from that, you should make sure that the fish hooks will be completely removed.