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Siberian Huskies perfect guide to right and healthy diet

How will you determine whether you are or you’re not feeding your Siberian Huskies the right food?  What are the things that you should bear in mind when it comes to their healthy diet?  Aside from the behaviour and personality of these dog breed,   it’s better to be vigilant on what will be best diet to make them healthy.

The following will lead your way towards achieving for your Huskies’ best diet:

  • Knowing your Siberian Huskies’ Healthy Diet

Providing a healthy diet to your Huskies would require you to carefully attend to their refined independent nutritional needs.   In other words, all needed nutrients should be properly balanced, which include combination of carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins,   proteins, fatty acids and more.   The entire food that can easily be digested by Siberian Huskies’ system is the most recommended diet for them.

  • Trying the original Husky diet

This diet includes Salmon, fish (fresh water) animals such as mink and otter.  With  regards from  the foods that are being consumed  a while ago  by its ancestors ,   Huskies diet   can be  combination  of  poultry and  fish  which  supplies  protein and  fats  to Huskies’ bodies.

Similar to humans,    natural foods are better diet than those foods with preservatives and chemicals.  Watching and taking care of your dogs’ diet will start from noting the amount of protein as well as fats that the Huskies will consume.

  • Introducing  BARF Diet

Identifying the right amount of their nutritional needs will help you in maintaining your Huskies good health. BARF diet or the Bones and Raw Food or the Biologically Appropriate Food diet is one of great example.

Based from its name, this type of diet aims to develop a particular diet form where in the dog will eat the food coming from his natural environment.    The said diet will change or vary from one breed to another considering the suitability of food to   the dogs’ digestive system.

With BARF diet as an option, the favorable meal or diet for your Huskies will be low carbs yet high in fatty acids (omega) and   protein rich.  BARF will require you to provide raw bones together with entrails, eggs, vegetables and fish. It all use natural ingredients that are soon being mixed with minerals and vitamins.

  • Deciding right food diet through its advantage and disadvantages

As an owner, you may choose fresh foods or the commercial one to be fed on your dogs. But what are the advantages   and disadvantages of those diet options?

Fresh foods are home-made   or self-prepared foods for your Huskies. It provides a lot of healthy benefits to your Siberian Huskies.  Since fatty acids will be well-monitored through this type of food, possible health problems such as dandruff, foot licking, loose stools, hot spots, itching  and gas will  be reduced or even avoided.  This diet is health wise but if you’re in a hurry this will surely take time.

Commercial food or pet food on the other hand, may be given if fresh food is not available. There are pet foods that are developed with high quality and nutritional property.

  • Noting the right meal content

Whether you chose fresh food or the commercial one, you should   have considered or check for the following food nutritional content or property:

* Protein rich foods, which include egg, fishmeal, carrots chicken meals and others

* Red meats, pork and poultry

* Uncooked bones (not that big and hard)

*Avoiding corn, artificial flavors and colors

*Chicken food that are processed on human-grade plants

*Vegetable sources that are antioxidant rich (include spinach, garlic, celery, carrots, apples, alfalfa leaf and fruits.

*Cooked and raw meat are best source of complete protein and is vitamin rich

*Fish meal contains fatty acid (Omega-3) which is great for the skin of Siberian Huskies

  • Knowing when to switch food from young Huskies to adult one

When your Siberian Huskies are already about nine (9) months, you may consult your vet for the suitable food or diet for your pet. Some advised introducing an adult food to your pets 10 months old earlier.

Being aware of everything regarding your Siberian Huskies’ diet will enable you to think broadly and wisely on how you can take good care of their health to the fullest.   Constant monitoring and preparing for their food will surely result in having a wealthy health. It would mean having more energy and great bonding with your beloved Siberian Huskies.