Siberian Huskies’ Temperaments and how to change it for the better?

Siberian Husky

If your Siberian Huskies practice unfavorable attitude at the moment, what would you do? How will you change the temperament of your dogs for the better?

Odds of digging and destructive chewing
All dogs, especially your Siberian Huskies, oftentimes love to explore your garden. Siberain Huskies are known for being energetic. If their curiosity arises, they tend to become destructive making your house in messy condition. Chewing toys, ripping your sofas and chewing on drywalls are some of Huskies’ usual temperament.
If you want to change or lessen this type of destruct activity on your dogs, giving them ample and joyful exercise would help. Since they are really energetic by type, the best thing to do is to consume their energy with the most relevant activities. Chewing things as well as howling is a sign of boredom on your dogs.

Runaway dogs
Siberian Huskies often love to go out of your premises because they love to run and explore outdoor. That is why when they saw any single chance to escape, they would excitedly and happily grab the chance to run away. To avoid this, securing entrances, being responsible when closing and opening doors or windows, and having proper backyard fence is important. You can also give what they want (running and playing) through playing with them. Giving some of your time playing Frisbee and other games will reduce its attempt of running away.

Reducing bounces
Siberian Huskies very much love people as to the point that they will keep bouncing and jumping whenever they feels so. They often lick at you and that’s a sweet part in their temperament. But with its high energy and force, your heart may not just be the one to be blown up. Literally, you can be blown by Huskies and be thrown away from your original position.
To change this type of temperament, desensitization process among your dogs may help in keeping them calm. This process deals with reducing the stimulus of your dogs whenever they become hyper. In other words, this is a type of conditioning technique (counter conditioning) whenever they lose their control.

Stubborn side of Huskies
Siberian Huskies are some of those dogs that are considered to be blessed with intelligence. That is why, by nature, they are independent. Oftentimes, these dogs tend to be manipulative and dominant. If you’ll be overpowered by its dominant character, you’ll surely have stressful days in dealing with it s stubbornness. But if you act consistently with consistency, this dog temperament will surely be handled well.

Reducing Huskies’ noise
Your neighbor may sometimes be annoyed with the howling practice of your Huskies. To remind you, howling is a clear sign that your dog is bored. Keeping your playful energetic dog busy will reduce their chances of howling so much.
As an owner of Huskies, you must understand that each dog, concerning breeds, has visible differences most especially with their temperament. Accepting such fact will enable you to love and care more about your dogs’ personalities and behavior. With an open mind and understanding heart, changing the temperament of your dogs to make them rightful would totally create valuable differences.