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Special soup for your dog

Special Soup for your Dog


Is cold weather approaching? Do you need comfort food for your dog? Would you like it to be nutritious but still meet your dietary plan for your snow dog? Then, you should learn how to make a special soup for them. This must be edible enough especially if you have a picky type of pet. Soup is also best food for those dogs with digestion problems. Therefore, as dog owner you have to be more careful in learning to make a soup for your pet.


However, giving soup as daily food is not necessary. Your dog should be given with complete meat once in a while.


How to make special Chicken soup for your dog?

What are the ingredients?


  1. The main ingredient for this soup is chicken. Therefore, you need to have at least 3 or more pounds of chicken parts (neck, backs and liver).
  2. At least 24 cups of cold water or any amount of it that can fill your stock pot about ½ full.
  3. Chunks of cut carrots ( at least 2 to 3 pieces)
  4. Pealed fresh ginger (1 whole medium piece)
  5. Handful green leafy vegetables

Examples: Spinach, dried nori, beet tops, parsley, kale etc.

Additional Information: It can be added with other meat bones. They will surely love the taste of mixed meat in their soup. There are also varied nutrients that will be beneficial to your dog.

  1. You may add at least 2 whole cloves of shredded fresh garlic (optional). Then, remove it from the soup before the vegetables are already smashed up.


  1. Mixed all together the ingredients in a large pot. Make sure that there’s water of about four to five inches that can cover all the ingredients of the soup. Therefore, it is better to top it up with water after all the ingredients have been mixed up.
  2. Boil it with high heat and when it is already boiling, you may start lowering down the heat. The secret of good tasting soup is cooking it at slow simmer for about an hour or more.
  3. When ingredients are already cooked, remove the pot from the heat and let it cool inside your fridge and wait until the contents are safe to handle.
  4. Set aside the chicken parts from the cooked soup.
  5. Remove cooked vegetables then ground it before reading it to the soup.
  6. Put cooled soup into containers according to the appropriate portion of meal size.


Benefits of this soup


This kind of soup is better to be given to your snow dogs when they don’t want to eat hard foods. Other than that, it may also contain the nutrients that they can get from the common type of dog foods. In addition, this can be given as frozen type food that can be shaped like an ice cube, which is best for your snow dogs that love to eat and swallow ice cubes.


Having a special soup recipe for your dogs is a big help in order to provide the proper dietary nutritious meal for your pets. Therefore, you must have a try preparing this special chicken soup for your dogs. Make sure that it will be properly served in order to avoid harm to your dogs.