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Taking Care of your Huskies-Knowing the Areas of Failure

Several of you may become frustrated when you know that your dogs have suffered from unhealthy condition because of how you treat and care for them. You knew that you did your best but it seems not enough. You often wonder in which part you failed.

The Difference of Snow Dogs like Siberian Huskies and Malamutes to other dog breeds
Having Huskies or Malamutes around you feels different compared to having other breeds of dogs. Unlike others, they are very sensitive and emotional. Since they differ from any ordinary dogs, several dog owners like you fail to know and understand their needs may it be in nutritional aspects, physical and behavioral terms.
As you serve as a guide and family to your Huskies, it is important for you to know the vital aspects among them. Shedding of their fur, some nutritional deficiency, lactose complications, grooming, proper training, and right exercise for them and many more are just some of factors that you must be aware of.
Gaining proper awareness on everything about your Huskies will enable you to maintain their awesome healthy condition. Your dogs will also be secured and safe due to your superb care and attention. When you train them properly and effectively such as in socialization, your dogs will grow up happy, strong and lively. They will enjoy the rest of their lives through your efficient guidance.

Typical Areas of Failure
With lack of knowledge and proper guidance, most of you failed to be successful in your dogs’ diet, their training, and exercise as well as grooming. Avoid getting negative results and encountering more dog problems through knowing the following:
Being familiar with dog coats and grooming
When it comes to grooming, you must be very particular regarding your Huskies’ coat. With the double coat that you dogs have, you are required to carefully pay attention to them most especially in times of dogs’ shedding season. During this time, fur will surely be in every corner of your house. So if you loathe this kind of mess, you should think many times in having these dog breeds.
Furthermore, you must learn that shaving is not an advisable thing for these dogs because of their shedding process. Don’t do it out of fashion or fondness. When their coat shed, you can utilize rollers or brushes.
Knowing more about your huskies’ diet
Complying with the nutritional needs of your dogs is not that easy most especially if you know so little regarding the needed minerals and vitamins of their body. Having a good diet means feeding them with protein rich foods and less carbohydrates. With this, you should be careful in choosing the right dog food products for them. If you chose kibble products, be very specific on the food labels. There are kibble products that contain cheap source of protein and other relevant minerals. Fillers are often added so be very careful about it.
When you have Siberian Huskies or any other snow dogs with you, be sure to read varied things about their health requirements and others. This will enable you to fully give them a healthy and complete meal.
Knowing huskies’ needs for exercise
Like you, your dogs also need to exercise their bodies. Exercising is vital not just for their health but also for achieving a manageable and happy dogs’ life. But always remember to give them an ample exercise. This means that you should not overdo it. Just give them a right time and right way of exercising.
Remember to take full responsibility in making their body fit. Don’t make excuses why your dogs don’t have their exercise each day. Right exercise plus good diet will result in achieving optimum health.
Knowing how to train your dogs
Sometimes earning the respect of your dogs is not that easy most especially if they belong to alpha dogs. But with proper training, you will be able to rightfully guide them. You just need ample patience.
Huskies are not just energetic dogs. Aside from that, they are also intelligent. So taking time to train them is important. You could try varied training methods for you to mold some of their difficult behaviors.
Your dogs can be very bored sometimes. With their boredom, they often consume their time in making your house messy. But this is just some of the behavioral issues of your dogs. Other problems include their attitude of being hard headed, which often becomes the reason why they ignore your instructions or commands. Some of them scare you through growling just because you told them to vacate your room.
Situations like these could be addressed or resolved through proper training. Though your dogs have bad attitudes, some of dog training program will correct it. Just make sure to have ample patience to deal with your dogs behavior. It’s important for you to keep on holding onto them. Remember that giving up is not an option in achieving the changes that you desired.

What will happen if you fail in those areas?
What will happen if you failed to take good care of your dogs? Well, you wouldn’t want to know what your dogs will suffer if they don’t get the right treatment and nutritional requirement. One of those is zinc deficiency. When your dogs lack zinc, it will surely affect your dogs’ health condition. Vomiting, lack of appetite, skin irritation, digestive problems and many are just some of its effects.
On the other hand, when your dogs don’t get right training like socialization training, they will surely be fearful throughout their life’s journey. Socialization training should be done early in their life. It will help them to properly cope with the new challenges laid on them. When you failed to do it, they will also fail to develop confidence in themselves and in their life.
You may fail several times in achieving the right health and great condition of your dogs. But it’s never a reason for you to give up. If you fail, know your mistakes, take time to correct it, try some more and apply what you’ve learned.