Buying a Husky General

The Term Husky and other Husky Dog Breeds

The breed Siberian Husky is the most popular term and dog bred for most of you. The term “Husky” itself is identified as the general name given for dogs that are categorize as sled dogs, which are used in Northern Regions.
Alaskan malamute, like Siberian Huskies, is also a sled type of dogs. But due to their awesome power and size, these dogs are often used for pulling heavier loads. As time passed Huskies are utilized for racing sled dogs. But these days, these dogs become pets and often treasured as one of human’s family members.

Where does the term Husky originated?
The term Husky is derived from a word, which generally refers to people in Arctic region, generally, the Eskimos. When English sailors boarded on a trading ship, have reached these people, they have pronounced Eskimos as “Huskimos”. In 1852, the term Husky (that was used for referring dogs that are being kept by Eskimo people) has been recorded.

Originally, Huskies and other types of these dog breeds are landrace and kept by Arctic indigenous tribe like Chukchi. In these modern days, Huskies are selectively and carefully bred to become a purebred breeds. Some of the best examples are the following:
• Siberian Huskies from Siberia ( Russia)
• Sakhalin Husky, a sled dog from Japan, which is associated with Japanese Akita and Spitz
• Greenland dog, breed comes from Greenland
• Alaskan Husky, sled dogs that are found in Alaska and not from Siberia and other arctic land
• Mackenzie River Husky, which refers to varied population of dogs dwelling in Arctic regions, Canada as well as Alaska.
• Alaskan Malamute
• American Akita
• Laika
• American Eskimo dog
• Labrador Husky
• Alaskan Klee Kai
• Canadian Eskimo Dog

Huskies are one of the popular dog breeds that are admired by most of you. As an owner, vital information about Huskies background is essential.