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Tips To Stop Dog Escapes – The Detailed Methods

How do you protect your dog from escaping from your sight and premises? A dog is one of the most precious companions you could ever have in your life. But with it comes a huge responsibility and duty to be done. Having a dog is not that simple as playing and feeding them. Caring for their health, security, and well-being is part of the deal as well.  If you want to maintain good companionship and ever-lasting friendship with your dog, learning how to stop dog escapes really matter.

Noting the possible areas of dog escapes

To avoid your dog from escaping your premises, knowing the particular places that catch their interest and makes them want to wander around will surely be helpful.  Check the following areas in your house to make sure that everything is secured for your little friend:

Securing the latch of your door

Your entrance and exit portals are places your dog can use to escape from your house. When your door is improperly latched, it could possibly be blown by a strong burst of wind.  Deal with your door latch effectively.

Properly closing the door

A similar situation might occur if you leave your doors or gates unchecked.Whenever you leave your gates unsecured, you’re giving your dog a chance to wander around unprotected. Therefore, whenever you intend to enter or leave your house, always remember to close it properly.

Checking your window

Aside from your door, another place that might seem intriguing to your dog would be the window. The risk of dog escape may vary depending on the type of window you have in your house. If you’re using window screens or open windows like the ones that slide down, your dog will have the opportunity to jump on it and go around to explore the area innocently without thinking of the dangers they could face.

Escape during celebrations or occasions

Whenever you get out of town for a short vacation, leaving your dog behind unsupervised is not a good idea. Even if they have all the supply they need until you return, the chance of escape isn’t the only problem. There are many objects around that could harm your dog without you being around to prevent them from playing with every single thing lying around the house. Dogs, most especially Siberian Huskies always search for companionship, emotional bonds and creatures to socialize with. Leaving them home alone will make them miserable and might lead to them trying to find ways to get out of the house and have a good time elsewhere.

Escape when having house repair  or construction

Renovating or having a reconstruction in your house creates almost 80% of dog escape cases.  This is the particular time when your attention is mainly focused on the ongoing process of house repair, where your little friend is no longer the center of your observant eyes.

Dogs, like humans, are very witty and stubborn when it comes to getting what they want, like roaming around somewhere far from your yard. They can dig, bite your fence or even jump over it. Being aware of those escape spots, and constantly accompanying your for walks where they can roam around with your presence will reduce any risks.

Be aware of what causes dogs to escape

For every action your dog takes, there are always hidden reasons or ones you can’t see. Here are some relative reasons why your dog might choose to wander away from your home:

 Breaking  Boredom

Similar to what you feel like whenever you’re bored, dogs also seek for joy, excitement, and adventures that can frequently be found outside of your doors. This is one great reason why your pets don’t want to stay all day long in some corners of your house.  To avoid this, you can spend some time playing and bonding with them. If you have kids with you, dogs, especially Siberian Huskies will appreciate joyful moments with them.  You can also take your pets outside (in a park for example) and do some outdoor activities together like jogging, walking and more.

Protecting territory

Dogs are territorial types of animals. Their space or what they perceive as “territory” shouldn’t be intruded by other species. This eagerness to protect what is owned by them makes them break boundaries.

Prey Instinct

Some dogs are naturally born with high prey drive. They might try to escape in order to fulfill the instinctive need of hunting, chasing after and catching prey.


When your dog becomes about six months of age, they become sexually mature. This is the time when they start searching for partners or mate. By that time, your dog will want to roam around outside your house to satisfy their needs.

Being sick of loneliness

When one is lonely, they surely want to run away and look for happiness. Well, humankind is not the only being who longs for that.  Your dog needs and deserves proper attention, interaction and care at home.  If they do not receive that, they will choose to find it in other places.

Increasing their happiness and activity through exercise

Exercise doesn’t just put your dog’s energy to good use, it also keeps them cheerful and in good health. While on the one hand, keeping your dog indoors might seem like a good idea to keep them safe. Keep them in the same corner or place or a long time, is on the other hand, robbing them of their freedom to enjoy and see beautiful scenes beyond the walls of your home. You can change their routine by involving them in your daily exercise or activities. By repeatedly taking them out,  your dogs will be exposed to different faces  and fellow dogs, cats and other animals and chances of dog escapes will be reduced.

Planning Dog Activities

Boredom and loneliness are two major killers of happiness. In times where you really need to leave your pets alone for a while, plan some joyful activities for them to enjoy. One idea is giving them toys such as fluffy balls or others.