Traumatic experience of dogs and its effects on health and behavior

Are you bothered by your dog’s sudden behavioral changes? Do you want to bring back the active and playful Siberian husky that you have? Well, it will be easier if you just know the primary reason for the unusual actions of your dog. Animals like dogs are like humans that live with senses. They can feel what other humans feel. Typically, one of these feelings is fear. This is the state where dogs like Siberian Huskies tend to have visible abnormalities with their actions. As the owner, your key responsibility is to help the dog overcome that fear in order to live a normal life like other dogs have.

Based on studies, dogs that came from traumatic experiences are probably in the state of PTSD also known as (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). This is very noticeable when your dog got so stressful right after a traumatic scene happened.  Dogs are identified to be traumatized once they show of the following indications:

Fearful dog

This refers to the extreme fear feeling of the dog wherein it leads them to be more careful of every action they will do. However, the bad thing is they always think of being in danger every time they are in a particular situation. This affects their daily lives. Mostly, they would always suspect something or someone as dangerous and it is not normal for them to act in such manner. This is an instance that they are traumatized.

The state of anxiety

Dogs like Siberian Huskies that are in a traumatic situation will surely be categorized in the state of anxiety. This is similar to fear that makes them always feel in danger of something, but the worse thing about this state is that most of their body systems are virtually affected, that typically affects their behavioral aspects.


Dogs also feel stress. Scientifically speaking, it is emotional, physical and chemical energy that threatens the homeostasis of an individual. Dogs that are suffering from anxiety will lead to too much stress that might cause them to breakdown, as it affects the primary system of their body. The first system that will be affected by stress are the physical aspects, in which the dog will experience the abnormalities.


To generalize the 3 indications of a traumatized dog, it will be phobia. This is the term used once extreme fear, anxiety, and stress are noticeable in the dog. Dogs that are suffering from phobia have greater tendency to be engaged in a serious injury. This normally happens once the dog always has hard times from panicking even for simple actions. Dogs with this condition are those that can easily be frightened by common loud noises like fireworks, thundering, and firearms. In accordance with some research, phobia is very common in dogs. Therefore, it is a great challenge for the dog owners to help their dogs overcome these notable traumatic indications.

No dog owners would love to see their dogs traumatized. Therefore, one of the best ways to stop it and help your dog is to look for a veterinarian that can provide guaranteed assistance for the dog. Aside from veterinarian help, you are also a big help to your Siberian dog in overcoming trauma, as long as you give them the most efficient aide that dogs need, if not there will be a big impact on their health and behavior.